[Freedombox-discuss] couchdb and couchapp

Ged Wed gedw99 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 10:18:48 UTC 2010

i think this meets many of the requirements:

1. naturally easy to manage
2. installs on x86, arm, and otther >( runs on android and iphone currently)
3. syncs the data AND the application. its all the same with couch
4. highly redundant and scalable.
5. ability for people to make their own clouds by choosing who they
shard or replicate the data with, and can make it encrypted to others
6. c level access. you can map c calls back into erlang at the erlang
level. its designed for this. so a gps, rf or other hardware module
can talk to the erlang vm and vice versea

Many of the required apps are already available suchas:
1. DNS and load balancer
2. SIp stack
3. Wiki, blog type software
4. Music player and store
5. video player and store

Everyone has heard about couchDB, and maybe only some about CouchApp.
Couch DB is a few things in one:
a. web server (yes it is a full web server)
b. application server
c. Data store (no sql)
d. message router (called Filters in CouchDB land)

I am actually looking to use it to make a Home Automation system.



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