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Mon Aug 23 15:58:13 UTC 2010

I'd say unless you have a specific interest in which hardware we  
should be targetting, I would work with whatever hardware you have  
available.  The beauty of Debian is that it can be just about any  
working computer.  If your software works on Debian/i386 and is  
included in Debian, it will be built for armel, mips, etc. so should  
"just work" on any number of plug computers.


On Aug 22, 2010, at 9:16 PM, Matt Lee wrote:

> Hey, I'm Matt Lee, campaigns manager at the Free Software Foundation  
> and
> founder of GNU social and GNU FM. We're really happy to be included in
> the list of the projects for the Freedom Box, and myself and Rob Myers
> (the other principal at our small startup, FooCorp) have been  
> looking at
> this area for a little while now.
> I'd like to get started -- is there an ideal hardware device to buy  
> for
> this work at this point? I heard that some of the plug devices have
> serious freedom issues, but I am little confused between the various  
> brands.
> Best,
> matt
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