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paxcoder paxcoder at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 15:06:07 UTC 2010


I see some of you diving into the issues here on the mailing list, but 
it would be great if you could instead work on the wiki page 
"FreedomBox/Requirements" first. Chris K (I'm not sure who the person 
is, perhaps because I'm not a DD) started the page, but I propose a 
purge, or alternatively, a page called "Agenda".

I think we need a celarer division of things. I beg for patience, they 
tell me I construct weird sentences. Here we go:
Top level contains simple categories, such as: Core, Web, Networking, 
Security etc (something similar to what I did to Examples section from 
page Freedombox). The teams might more or less correspond to these. 
Categories would have subsections that would include functionalities eg. 
networking might include "Routing", which may be divided into two 
categories: "Done" for finished tasks, and "ToDo" for those pending or 
being worked on.

3. Web
1.1 Social Network
GNUsocial - mattl
GNUsocial theme - susanx, mattl
Diaspora - pending!
2.2. Front end
Main design - susanx, ChrisK, lmarcetic
Accounts - lmarcetic, ChrisK
E-mail client - pending!
Keys management panel - lmarcetic, tmarble
Processes - ChrisK, darla
"Modern" theme - susanx

In this case, I've selected the "Web" top-level category, which so far 
contains two main sections. Contributor who goes by mattl finished 
GNUsocial social network in this scenario, and helped susanx, who likes 
design, to create a new theme for it. However, we decided to implement 
Diaspora also, but it is still not ready.
Front end is much more busy, but there is an opening - you can start 
working on the E-mail client.
In the same time, it's becoming increasingly more clear that contributor 
susanx is an expert in design and usability. In order to avoid different 
user experience across Front-end web pages, she is made the head of her 
team (by her team members), and now that she accepted the position, she 
organizes votes, alternative communication channels (irc channel, 
another mailing list, etc.) and all other things that are necessary to 
achieve a consensus in the design direction to be taken.
One more notice here: I (contributor lmarcetic) have in this scenario, 
begun working on Keys management panel. I have no idea about GPG cli, so 
I asked tmarble for help. He's primarily from Security team, but here is 
where our paths converge. Thanks tmarble! ;-)

Ok, you've got the basic idea. Contributions may only be visible in 
alioth, it doesn't matter. This is just the initial division here that 
we need, which will help us form teams. After this is done, the first 
step is for someone from "core" team to make a qemu image and upload it 
to Alioth. Please respond whether you like the idea. I'll only later 
have time to enter it into the wiki. Excuse any typos/undecipherable things.

Will check in in a couple of hours.
--Luka Marčetić
Student at FOI, Croatia

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