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>        Inavailability
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> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 02:48:55PM +1200, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> > One of the interesting things that _could_ happen is using a
> > reasonably dense network of freedom boxes to build a local network
> > which then gets gatewayed to the larger Internet. It might be a mesh
> > network, but until the problems invovled in those get figured out,
> > even one with static routings should be possible. It only requires
> > having enough boxes that can talk to each other over wifi.
> I like this idea.
> It can work for a small group of peers that are close enough to be
> able to connect to each others through a high-speed wifi connection,
> but it's hard to apply for a city-wide group (and that is not a
> problem).
> If someone had 6 neighbors with 128kbit/s each they will all do pretty
> good in sharing their data.
> It will also solve the issue of traffic tracking because your requests
> can be sent through someone else's Internet connection.
> Is it possible to implement such a solution?
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Have you considered including a routing protocol like BATMAN (
http://www.open-mesh.org/)?  I do not know the exact limitations of adhoc
networks but I think this could help with multi-hop routing between local
adhoc groups and to the Internet.

BTW I should introduce myself.  I'm James Valleroy, not a Debian developer
but I have been using Fedora for a couple years now.  I work as a Software /
Firmware Engineer and I would like to contribute where possible.

I actually started working on a similar project to FreedomBox just a couple
months ago with a CS student.  We are basically looking to build nodes to
operate in a mesh network that could (conceivably) work alongside the normal
Internet but run Diaspora and some of our own applications.  One of our
goals is to provide a viable alternative to ISPs in general.  Anyway it was
great to see that this project was picking up some steam and I hope I can
contribute in some ways.

James Valleroy
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