[Freedombox-discuss] Agenda

paxcoder paxcoder at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 01:43:37 UTC 2010

On 08/26/2010 09:05 PM, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Whatever we do, let's please not discuss things using the wiki. It is
> hard to follow a discussion on the wiki, and much easier on the mailing
> list. The IRC channel, being unarchived, is probably also not a good
> place.
Sure, discussions can be carried out here. Actually, the task list 
itself doesn't need to be on the wiki, it can be on Alioth. I was 
thinking maybe a simple textual file, but it would seem I've got me some 
familiarizing to do first: We can post "jobs" on Alioth, and if these 
can have dependencies on other jobs (I assume they can), we don't need a 
specific list, but I'd still suggest simple categories so we can start 
creating teams, and then they will be able to each create their own 
tasks. My suggestions are (pick your own):

1. Core (hardware, system tools, underlying distro, packages...)
2. Web (web administration, front-ends for all services/apps...)
3. Internet services (e-mail, web server, calendar, sql, ssh...)
4. Networking (distributed storage, peer discovery, p2p services...)
5. Security (firewall, GPG...)*

Tell me if I'm missing something.

*Note that Members may be in multiple teams, the above is just to 
illustrate the kinds of work that need to be done to make FreedomBox 
happen. I imagine the Security team would be working with other teams on 
integrating GPG into mail, p2p, the web-panel, on setting firewall rules 
to allow other apps and alike. Other than that, each team worries about 
security of things they maintain. Eg. those in the Security team do not 
worry about web security, Web team members do (I assume I would be one 
of those).
Also, Web team needs designers - experience tells me writing code and 
CSS in the same time is not the best idea - is anyone up for it or knows 
someone who might be? Preferably people who like words such as "user 
experience" and "interface usability".

So the question remains: Who's willing to become the first Core 
developer and build us a QEMU image so that we can start working? We 
basically agreed it'll be Debian unstable, so just make a list of 
packages that will be pre-installed (eg. Apache and ssh for starters, 
others will add what they need). Once you do this, we can start 
uploading configuration files and start coding at last.

--Luka Marčetić

P.S. [unrelated] Tom, you asked about on-line polls on identi.ca. 
Assuming you wanted to carry out a vote for a new name, you may want to 
take a look at Alioth's "Surveys". If we don't have a concensus on 
FreeBox/LibreBox that is ;-)

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