[Freedombox-discuss] Slow Internet Connection and Inavailability

Carlos Martín Nieto carlos at cmartin.tk
Sat Aug 28 14:58:25 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-08-27 at 20:17 +0300, Osama Khalid wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 02:48:55PM +1200, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> > One of the interesting things that _could_ happen is using a
> > reasonably dense network of freedom boxes to build a local network
> > which then gets gatewayed to the larger Internet. It might be a mesh
> > network, but until the problems invovled in those get figured out,
> > even one with static routings should be possible. It only requires
> > having enough boxes that can talk to each other over wifi.
> I like this idea.
> It can work for a small group of peers that are close enough to be
> able to connect to each others through a high-speed wifi connection,
> but it's hard to apply for a city-wide group (and that is not a
> problem).

 There are people who have built city-wide mesh networks. I'm sure there
are more, but I know that there is one in Berlin, Germany.

> If someone had 6 neighbors with 128kbit/s each they will all do pretty
> good in sharing their data.
> It will also solve the issue of traffic tracking because your requests
> can be sent through someone else's Internet connection.
> Is it possible to implement such a solution?

 Apart from the BATMAN protocol, as mentioned somewhere else in this
thread, there is the OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing), which is what
the project in Berlin uses.

 One implementation of an OLSR daemon is olsrd (http://www.olsr.org)
which is already packaged in Debian, though I'm not sure if it allows
you to pool resources. It does however support IPv6, which should be

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