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My name is Antoine Beaupré and I am a computer engineer working at
Koumbit, a non-profit/worker coop based in Montreal. I am also a Debian
Maintainer and the co-maintainer of the Aegir project.

My interest in the Freedombox project joins with the Aegir project, for
we (Koumbit) have received a grant to push the development towards a full
SaaS provider + control panel (read: wordpress.com/blogspot/cpanel
killer), and within 3 years (2 years left now :), work towards
"aegir at home", which we envisionned just being a debian package of the
control panel so that anybody can install Aegir easily at home.

Now the presentation from Eben changed things for me: the major blocker
in my vision of bringing back power to the users in the network was a
lack of a powerful consumer grade machine that could run a webserver,
asterisk, and so on. That problems seems to be solved, or on its way to
be solved.

So I am glad to be able to keep my attention focused on the Aegir
project. :)

This will be my contribution to this project: I will keep on developping
Aegir as best as I can to make drupal installation as easy as possible,
and also allow people to easily install a control panel on their machine
to allow them to host their own email, jabber and voip services, and
also host their friends.

I hope that Aegir can be the missing glue in the frontend to make it all
work. I consider my work to be orthogonal to the freedombox project
itself, which I see as a coordination forum.

I will also try to contribute to the discussions here and provide some
help in trying to come up with a common goal and direction. I have very
limited time available outside of aegir however, so I cannot really
offer my help as a "leader" in the project.

I am not sure we need strong leadership anyways: we need people to just
get down to work and start building packages and distributions. Diaspora
is coming out in two weeks, and should be packaged for debian quickly.
We need some glue in the backend to ease automatic network
configuration, filesystem management and integrate with the monkeysphere
project (just ideas).

We need glue, lotsa glue. This project is more about bringing together
all those things than writing things from scratch.

Talk is cheap, glue is gold. ;)

Take care,


PS: I am currently on a vacation/trip throughout europe, and i will be
heading to berlin and switzerland, I am currently in rostock. Sorry for
now introducing myself earlier, but I was busy with the drupalcon. I
have read all the discussions with great interest however. :) If anybody
wants to hookup for freedombox or whatever talk, let me know.
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