[Freedombox-discuss] RFC: Pontarius 0.1 Features Draft

Jon Kristensen info at jonkristensen.com
Sun Nov 14 14:07:48 UTC 2010

Hello people!

My name is Jon Kristensen and I am planning to create a XMPP-based media 
server called Pontarius. The typical use case of Pontarius (0.1) would 
be to host all your media on a local server and have that server share 
it with your friends (with customizable permissions). In the future it 
will also be a foundation for services of different kinds, such as 
social networking features.

I just wanted to let you know that we have produced a draft of the 
features for the first version of Pontarius. You can read it 
http://www.pontarius.org/pontarius-0-1-features-draft/. Also see the 
comments. We would appreciate any feedback! :)

Take care people!

Warm regards,
Jon Kristensen

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