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  On 09/04/2010 11:31 PM, Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson (first) wrote:
> 2010/9/4 paxcoder <paxcoder at gmail.com <mailto:paxcoder at gmail.com>>
>     I will not settle for using a service :-(
> DNS is hierarchical, so at some point you will have to use a service 
> if you want to be reachable using standard tools.  If you are OK with 
> only being reachable via. TOR or other such things, then you may be 
> able to avoid this... except TOR itself is a service, it's just not a 
> centrally administered one. And your ISP is a service provider too.
> Using a service is not a problem, the problems start when service 
> providers lock you in and degrade your freedom. If there is real, 
> functioning competition in the market (which is certainly the case for 
> DNS and dynamic DNS), then using these services poses no problem.

I was inaccurate, I don't want to use centralized services. If I can 
utilize mechanisms of trust, I have no problem with such services that - 
as you called it - have alternatives (ie are failsafe). That being said, 
I'd be happier to have my own DNS, but if I'm getting you right, I'll 
have to use third parties if I want delivery while I'm off-line.

>     But I thought you'd get a "Mail delivery subsystem" message saying
>     'can't deliver' the moment you send it. Are you saying it's not
>     so, and if yes, how did I miss it?
> Not sure how you missed it! You'll have to tell us! :-)

You answer our [;-)] question here:

> Different mail servers behave in different ways.

Perhaps I just underestimated the wait time before delivery, and assumed 
it returns quickly. Considering that you talk about max. a day of delay 
(which is plenty), it doesn't seem like much of a problem. If what you 
said is standard practice, I'd probably have no need for alternative 
mailboxes. However, one of the goals of FB is mobility, so we could 
still provide this.

Anyway, thanks for answering.
--Luka Marc(etic'
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