[Freedombox-discuss] Q : achieving wide success? HW+SW solution vs SW-only solution for freedombox?

JB gost mygost at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 12:02:23 UTC 2011

Q : achieving wide success?  HW+SW solution  vs   SW-only solution for

Hi I'm brice,

1- I think the freedombox concept is really great, and our future needs it !
If you're here you know why...

2- As far as i understood the implementation : independent micro HW
server running a custom SW based upon Debian OS
is, to my opinion and my annoyance, doomed to failed at reaching wide
support & use...
Why ? 'cause i don't feel people would buy an extra appliance they
don't understand the use... or the need...
I personally care about my privacy, and i would look 1st for a full SW
easy-solution, i won't buy into this HW idea... too complicated, too
nerdy (no offense-i've been one) i would say...

I've given up freenet & tor because they are not widely enough
supported, used, and are too complicated (even for the elec engineer i
let's face it, these 2 great projects have failed commercially speaking !
microsoft, google, facebook... are the greatest... commercial strategists...
you know the case microsoft VS linux, and you know why linux has only
1% of the OS market share...

SO please! don't make the same mistake here!

Q : So what's the aim of the freedombox ? What the far reached vision ?
A1 : Is it for computer enthusiasts like *us*, let's say 0.1% of the
internet population at best ?
A2 : Is it for +90% of the people being day to day computer-end-user,
mobile-phone-end-user etc...  still being non-computer-technicians
(like my mom who just know how to click on win) ?

If the aim is A1, then yeah!  let's make the freedombox HW, & SW
tweaking the code, craft this and that... connecting to... well 0.1%
of the neighborhood at best...
If the aim is A2, then i really think the HW is no good solution
here... (sorry to say that)

You might say, "ok buddy, you say your shit, you nasty french snails &
smelly cheese eater, but what are your solutions ? any *bright* ideas
to share ? don't be just an ass/critic"

I say then why not *smartly* use all the existing HW already available
in people life ?
Turning every home PC, every netbooks and every smartphones into a
freedombox, inter-connecting with the world using whatever technology
is present in the HW : internet DSL, ethernet LAN, wifi, bluethooth,
gsm, 3g, wimax....
And of course a SW freedombox capable of connecting to non secured (yet) systems
I mean having a freedombox made of a SW package "1-click" / "easy to
install, easy to run" on every PC running MAC/linux/windows people
have at home, on every smartphones, iphone, ipad etc...

Let's face it, people (me included) are rather busy and lazy and
technology ignorants these days...
but provided with "1-click" action/applications as apple did with
their iphone, as facebook did, as google chrome did... people still
have time to perform a "1-click" operation !

My personal questions :
Q1 : Has this topic already been discussed ? (sorry if duplicate somehow)
Q2 : BTW, is there any SW package freedombox-like that already exist ?
somewhere ?
Q3 : who set up the vision, the original far reached vision ?

thanks for any reply,
kind regards,

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