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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sat Apr 9 01:01:07 UTC 2011

On 11-04-08 at 06:02pm, Charles N Wyble wrote:
> On 4/8/2011 4:40 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> >I am quite interested in improving Debian packages to be installable 
> >readily usable out of the box.  Experience like yours can potentially 
> >be quite useful there.
> Ah yes. I haven't used any Debian packages. I simply used the .zip off 
> the site, unpacked it, created the db/user and ran the setup wizard. 
> Obviously easily doable as Debian post install hooks with the awesome 
> dbconfig-common or whatever it's called. I spent the vast majority of 
> time evaluating different packages. Install was trivial for all of 
> them. As I mentioned in my "what my vision of freedombox is" post, I 
> want to make it into a meta package (dataown-lamp) and have it all 
> magically setup and integrated with my one time password system.  
> Ideally in a way that is trivial for folks to swap in whatever app 
> they want in any problem space (photos/blog/social net/todo list/crm).

Yes, I did notice that post.  But I found less of an interest in that, 
since my interest is not to "hack on top" of Debian, as I call it, but 
to integrate with Debian.

...so only your later post made me actually look at that wiki of yours 
and realize the amount of experience you seem to have with actual 
concrete setups.

It sure is faster to put together separate SQL-injecting packages 
together than to convince maintainers of underlying packages to extend 
flexibility.  Then I (and others worried like me that "hacking on top" 
has higher risk of bit-rot) can build from work like yours at a slower 
pace, without stalling first revisions of FreedomBox.

> >How detailed do you have your setups documented?  Did you use Debian
> >packages, compiled everything yourself, or...?
> Sure. No debian packages were used. I just grabbed latest upstream. If 
> the install was broken I rejected the package. If it required anything 
> beyond a web based installer I rejected it. Simple is key. I can 
> automate simple and deliver to the masses.
> The criteria I used in the first elimination rounds seemed solid to me 
> at the time. The authors/maintainers of the software cared enough to 
> ship working installers, so the usage quality of the software received 
> high attention as well.
> So far I haven't been proven wrong. :)

Hm, I suspect we talk past each other here: I did not mean if you'd 
_created_ debian-style packages for your own customizations, quite the 
contrary: How far did you use official Debian packages and which custom 
tweaks did you compose and apply on top of that?

...but perhaps simplest is to wait and let you consense some of those 
planned meta-packages of yours and investigate those :-)


 - Jonas

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