[Freedombox-discuss] Fwd: [unhosted] volunteer C/C++ hackers needed for Unhosted LibreOffice cloud-sync

Jon Spriggs jon at sprig.gs
Mon Apr 11 16:30:38 UTC 2011

Unhosted is a Free (Libre) Software project to provide self-managed storage
for web applications. I'm not sure how efficient the separation of code and
storage will be, but I guess there's only one way to find out :)

Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs
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From: "Michiel de Jong" <michiel at unhosted.org>
Date: 11 Apr 2011 12:56
Subject: [unhosted] volunteer C/C++ hackers needed for Unhosted LibreOffice
To: "unhosted" <unhosted at googlegroups.com>

LibreOffice is a desktop application, maybe the most important one that
exists in the Free World. It provides software freedom to literally millions
of users who use it for many hours each day to edit text documents,
spreadsheets, presentations, etcetera. The proprietary competition of
LibreOffice (Microsoft's MS Office, Oracle's "used to be Open" Office, and
increasingly Google Docs) is moving to 'the cloud', that's to say, all of
them are moving towards a hostage platform where there is no software
freedom. In other words, this is an emergency. There is a very real risk of
Software Freedom "staying behind" on the desktop.

The Unhosted project has been invited by The Document Foundation (the
organization that published LibreOffice) to propose a solution for this
problem. In response, we drafted our vision in this nice motion graphic:

The Document Foundation are now awaiting our code for this (see
We know pretty well how to do it, but we don't have enough people /
hours-in-a-day to write it.

So now we need C/C++ hackers to implement this. All skill levels welcome
(including non-technical skills like usability testing and translating menu
texts to your native language). Please reply to this email to enroll.

Also, please forward this to any of your friends who know C/C++.

Many thanks,
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