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On 04/16/2011 09:35 PM, Charles N Wyble wrote:

> So just have a USB/SD card whatever with passphrase protected key on it.
> Make this the only
> copy of the decryption key. Have it and a small hammer or other
> destructive instrument on you
> at all times. Practice quick destruction. If it's destroyed, then tell

Attackers seeing the tiny bits of plastic are likely to fly off the
handle.  If your environment of operation is that rough, why not invest
in a micro-SD card with a USB reader for same (the smallest I've seen
was about the size of the last joint of my pinky finger) containing the
keying information?  In a pinch it could be swallowed whole (it's about
the size of a Citrical tablet, actually) before the door is broken down.

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