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On 04/18/2011 09:32 PM, AnotherPeasant wrote:

> Wish I knew more so I could make concrete suggestions.  I know there's a
> BASH prog called "shred" that will do some of what I have in mind, but I
> haven't had the chance or the spare box to experiment with it.  I also

/bin/shred is part of the GNU coreutils package, so if that is installed
then it is available.  It is very easy to use from the command line, so
the user would have to remember at most one command.  A few years ago I
did a secure deletion package shootout and analyzed the results with
data forensics software and wrote a tutorial based on that, if you would
like to take a lok at it.

> have no idea how to set it up through a GUI, so Grandma could use it...

It should be easy to write a script that can be run from a Gnome session
to call GNU shred.  Or bcwipe.  Or anything else, really.

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