[Freedombox-discuss] On small programs

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Wed Apr 20 07:44:31 UTC 2011

Hi Sandy,

On 11-04-20 at 12:11pm, Sandy Harris wrote:
> Do we need to think about which of [package choices, e.g. MTA, of 
> different sizes] should be the defaults for an fbox server? My guess 
> would be Linux with dietlibc used wherever possible, with one of the 
> variants of djbdns, qmail and some tiny web server.

We should stick to what Debian provides in binary form and make the best 
out of that.

Tuning compilation processes for small devices certainly is relevant for 
projects like FreedomBox, but is not FreedomBox: We deliberately chose 
to use not-too-small hardware in order to not be stalled by the huge(!) 
tasks of (re)engineering a software stack.

We have enough of a challenge just putting together existing pieces :-)

If interested in such tasks I encourage you to get in touch with 
toolchain developers at Debian itself and Emdebian: Improvements applied 
there will reach FreedomBox when proven to be reliable.


 - Jonas

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