[Freedombox-discuss] Eben was right, iPhone is absolutely no good for activists

Osama Khalid osamak at gnu.org
Thu Apr 21 07:51:42 UTC 2011

The first thing that came to my mind when I read about iPhone's
tracking ability[0] was what Eben Moglen said in his keynote in FOSDEM
just a couple of months ago:

> Friends of ours, people seeking freedom, are going to get arrested,
> beaten, tortured, and eventually killed somewhere on earth because
> they’re depending for their political survival in their movements
> for freedom on technology we know is built to sell them out.
> I don’t want anybody taking life or death risks to make freedom
> somewhere carrying an iPhone. Because I know what the iPhone can be
> doing to him without our having any way to control it, stop it, help
> it, or even know it is going on.

I feel very bad for those activists in the Arab world (and everywhere
else) who may be in great danger because of these records.

Yet another reason why we should work very hard on making the Freedombox
real, deployable and easy-to-use.

[0]: http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/04/apple-location-tracking.html

--Osama Khalid
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