[Freedombox-discuss] the "living room brick"

Josef Abdel Wahed meineanschrift at yahoo.de
Wed Apr 27 00:00:17 UTC 2011

Dear Freedomboxers!

I'm reading the mailing list for about a month.
It wasn't mentioned before, so:

Do we want to give users secure access to "their" web of preference (tweeting, 
facebooking, etc.)
do we want to encourage users to build their web of preference (hosting own 
content like micro blogs, websites, photo galleries etc.)
Espacially for the "end-user-building" purpose I would like to show you the 
following (discontinued) hardware:


this little brick, takes about 20 Watts, hosts two 3,5" SATA drives (up to 4TB) 
and  runs a custom linux with available source.

also, there is a package management for the etrayz with a BIG tool list, in 
these categories:

Database Tools, Mail Server, Photo Gallery, Online Shop, Bulletin Boards, P2P & 
Usenet, Torrent, IRC, SqueezeServer, UPnP & DLNA, Printer/Scanner, Statistic 
Tools, Network & System Tools, Audio Tools, Developer Tools, File Managers, 
Webcam Tools, UPS Management ...

that thing is controllable/ customizable through the web browser for end users.

you need to create an account to login and view the following links:

app installer


video and mission statement (a bit fancy, imho)

when launching the device in 2009, the initial price was 60,-EUR as a 
starting-special, 99,- EUR as regular price, without hdd.
the product is discontinued,  so we could perhaps get a nice partnership for 
"freetrayz" with xtreamer.

If you don't want to setup an account there to login and read, let me know and 
I'll copynpaste some of the content.

best regards

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