[Freedombox-discuss] Project plan?

Jay Sulzberger jays at panix.com
Fri Apr 29 19:08:09 UTC 2011

On Fri, 29 Apr 2011, Anthony Callegaro <callytic at free.fr> wrote:

> Le vendredi 22 avril 2011 à 12:32 +0200, Jaromil a écrit :
>>>    I was a Kickstarter contributor and have so far been lurking on
>>>    the list - and I'm wondering if any project leaders have emerged,
>>>    or what the (concrete) plan is. The "Roadmap" page on the
>>>    Freedombox site states what we have to do...but not anything
>>>    about how to do it.
>> i'm also lurking for a while now and trying to understand how to
>> contribute to "freedombox", having been involved in first person for
>> the creation of dyne:bolic GNU/Linux 10 years ago (
>> ftp://ftp.gnu.org/mirrors/dynebolic and http://dynebolic.org ) and as
>> a groupie for the netsukuku project http://netsukuku.org so i'm
>> obviously very interested in what comes out here now.
> Well Debian has always been a do-ocracy so I guess FB will just in the
> direction of the first people who will actually implement anything and
> evolve from there.
> I think everybody is suffering from a blank page syndrome at the
> moment :o) myself included, with no clear roadmap.
> The best would be to pick your best interest in FB and start
> implementing that part. Then try to link it with other FB related
> projects until we manage to have a full stack.
> Myself I am trying to get some time to implement a Dropbox replacement
> as I need one for a work project. So I am evaluating all solutions from
> Sparkleshare http://sparkleshare.org/ to lipsync
> http://philcryer.github.com/lipsync/ and even tahoe-lafs, scripted
> unison, etc etc. Once I have something working I will try to package it
> and then link it with the rest of the architecture.
> I don't see FB evolving in any other way for now, trying to get a full
> blown high level architecture without any clearer goals is IMHO not
> possible, we will just produce specs that will never be able to
> accommodate all FB goals.
> What do you think ?
> LeTic

This project is the single most important sub-project of
Freedom Box.

If we have easy to use, more secure, and decently authenticated
file transfer, we have a good part of the foundation for Freedom


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