[Freedombox-discuss] Added Pagekite to the wiki

Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson bre at pagekite.net
Sun Jan 16 12:19:44 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

I just added Pagekite to the FreedomBox wiki, under Networking.

I'm pretty sure Pagekite is today the easiest way to expose a personal
server to the wider Internet without mucking about with router and firewall
settings. It works pretty well at this point, and it not only does basic
HTTP, but has support for HTTPS and SSH tunneling as well.

We are currently working on a Debian package for it (one exists, but needs
more iterations before it is production-ready). Do we need an existing
Debian developer as a champion for getting it into the official repos? Any

Bjarni R. Einarsson
The Beanstalks Project ehf.

Making personal web-pages fly: http://pagekite.net/
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