[Freedombox-discuss] objectives

Les Orchard l.m.orchard at pobox.com
Wed Jun 8 18:30:32 UTC 2011

On 6/8/11 2:17 PM, Bdale Garbee wrote:
>    We want to provide a way for people to share with others narrowly or
>    broadly a set of thoughts and media objects hosted on infrastructure
>    they own themselves and thus have ultimate control over, as an
>    attractive alternative to such sharing via popular existing services
>    that provide little control.

+1 - To me, this is a good base to build from and can have a really 
broad impact. Personally, I think the success of centralized services 
like Twitter and Facebook are failures for advocates of a free and open 
web, and something like this could help address that failure.

>    We want to provide a way for people to communicate with each other
>    privately, minimizing their dependence on service providers, and
>    hopefully providing some resiliency in the face of service outages.

Though important, this feels like a secondary goal to me. It can be made 
easier if we already have something to address the first goal. There are 
other projects already working on anonymized, encrypted, mesh-based 
networking - and I suspect something like a freedombox could ride on top 
of those rather than focus on a solution of its own.

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