[Freedombox-discuss] objectives

Fabian Christ christ.fabian at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 8 20:50:48 UTC 2011


my name is Fabian Christ am I am currently working on my Ph.D. in
computer science at the University of Paderborn, Germany. Until now, I
was only a silent reader of this list but at this point I would like
to share my thoughts about the freedombox.

2011/6/8 Bdale Garbee <bdale at gag.com>:
> Catching up on recent list traffic, it's clear to me that we're
> suffering from the fact that "freedombox" means so many different things
> to different people.  As a member of the foundation's board and chair of
> the technical advisory committee, I've spent a lot of time thinking
> about what it is that we're actually trying to do, and pondering how to
> get from where we are to a useful reference implementation.  To that
> end, I think it's time to articulate a roadmap, starting with a
> statement of objectives for the core that consolidates our shared values
> and vision, and provides a framework for turning our is/is-not thinking
> in to a manifest of software components to be included in a system
> image.

Yes, this would really help. There are so many ideas spreading around
that it is hard to figure out what the freedombox will be. I would
suggest to define the minimal valuable product that the community
would like to see in say one year. Perhaps it is only one service but
this service is working very well. That would be a success. As
visionary discussions are very good from time to time they hinder to
focus when its necessary.

>  We want to provide a way for people to share with others narrowly or
>  broadly a set of thoughts and media objects hosted on infrastructure
>  they own themselves and thus have ultimate control over, as an
>  attractive alternative to such sharing via popular existing services
>  that provide little control.


>  We want to provide a way for people to communicate with each other
>  privately, minimizing their dependence on service providers, and
>  hopefully providing some resiliency in the face of service outages.



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