[Freedombox-discuss] Social Sync (was: Re: Is / Is Not)

Philippe Clérié philippe at gcal.net
Fri Jun 10 01:53:44 UTC 2011

On Thursday 09 June 2011 18:43:11 Josef Spillner wrote:
> Hello,
> :: Jonas Smedegaard Donnerstag 09 Juni 2011
> > 
> > Isn't Akonadi a KDE framework.  I don't follow - do you suggest to run
> > KDE on the FreedomBox?!?
> Akonadi is just an example which I'm slightly familiar with so I put it
> there as potential candidate. I'm happy to include other personal data
> storage frameworks or web resource caching frameworks in that diagram.

Please let us stay away from Akonadi. You can't sync your contacts between a 
desktop and a laptop by just copying files. I just tried it and it does not 
work because the directory where the contacts are stored is _managed_ by 

I'm dreading the next version of KDEPIM because I'm afraid I will no longer 
be able to use unison to sync my mail between my computers.

If at all possible, we should stay away from anything that can't be synced 
via rsync, unison or similar programs.



The trouble with common sense is that it is so uncommon.

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