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On 11 June 2011 23:46, Marc Manthey <marc at let.de> wrote:

> Yes, it does, and I don't understand why that is. When I originally
> joined this list, it was pretty well defined 'what' Freedombox would
> be: it would be a plug computer that included all of the tools needed
> to accomplish Ebens goals and whatever else the group considered
> important.
> Well it would be a software stack that would run on a plug computer or
> any other reasonably specced system. :)
> Essentially you are correct.
> hello list,
> i am silently following the discussion and people bring up great projects
> and ideas.
> I am currious if there is any tool or software for OSX / linux  / XP out
> there to create  an architecture view about the different
> layers and protocols used in the freedombox.
> IMHO a visualisation is  nessessary because there is so much information
> and  a picture say more then 1000 words . ;)
> http://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/SoftwareRequirements
> http://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Roadmap
> Just my 2 cents

Good 2 cents.

There seems to be some disparity in direction/goals, even if they have been
drawn up before hand.
No project gets anywhere without organisation and efficient communication to
gain that.
I get the feeling that there is no real cohesion going forward with people
working away in an isolated context while others have not had the
opportunity to become involved.

We have the means to achieve the level of communication necessary to achieve
the requisite level of organisation  going forward. People are beginning to
communicate. Let's not waste that.

We seem to have some coders who know what they are doing.
What other capabilities are present in order to divvy up responsibilities
for different aspects.
Who is capable of what?
Is there a requirement for documentation?
Is there a cross-group open involvement and discussion of the code base to
ensure the efficiency brought about by crowd involvement?
Is this necessary?
Lets get organised or this will just be another project that meanders all
over the place for years, with various models of dysfunctional output the
only result.

With governments increasingly insisting on actioning their scatterbrained
concept of imposing national boundaries on the net in order to advance the
causes of their corporate lobby group sponsors, this is an important
project. We don't have the luxury of that amount of time.

Let's get to it.


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by the wise as false,
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