[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox experiment & Sister project

Sébastien Lerique seblerique at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 15 22:49:48 UTC 2011

>>   Point 1:
>> Since the beginning of 2011 I have been working on my own server (now a
>> "freedombox playground"), aiming to provide services to friends and
>> family.
> Excellent. https://wiki.mehho.net/Mehho/GettingStarted are the services
> you consider stable? Do you have any others planned / in testing? In
> particular
> I'm curious what social networking software people are playing with. How
> much federated interoperability can we start playing with? Are the
> social software
> packages (appleseed/dispoara etc) stable enough for every day use?
> Should we start doing system level testing and see how they interop?

Yes those services are pretty stable, though I'm not yet satisfied with
ZenPhoto (on how it must administered). Ideally I'm looking for services

    * integrate with my LDAP server for authentication/authorization.
      I''ll be looking at how to add OpenID in that equation too.
    * allow me to keep user data in their home folders (and not in
      /var/www/..., which is one of my problems with ZenPhoto at the moment)
    * are user-friendly of course.

I'm following the LeavingTheCloud page on FB wiki. For future services,
I'm looking at:

    * Webmail+Contacts+Calendar: 
          o Roundcube can integrate with LDAP for contacts; that can
            then be used in clients like Thunderbird to have a unique
            Address Book (though there is no LDAP editing from
            Thunderbird yet)
          o Horde 4 Webmail. It's maybe heavy but integrates nicely
            calendar, webmail, and contacts, in a way that can
            communicate with other clients (I had problems setting up
            roundcube+davicale, especially with rights management. Maybe
            I did it wrong)
          o I'm keeping an eye on http://www.bongo-project.org
    * Photo sharing: my next step is trying out Piwigo, or Gallery.
    * Social networking: haven't tried anything yet (planning to set up
      a diaspora node). For the immediate present I dropped the idea of
      a status.net node since pretty much everything is public in
      micro-blogging, and therefore the main advantage in self-hosting
      it is avoiding censorship, not bringing data ownership or privacy
      (my first goal).
    * Team collaboration/organization: I'll try out crabgrass next

About the blogging and wiki, I haven't seen many theming possibilities
on IkiWiki yet (but I may very well be wrong as I haven't explored in
detail yet). I do see the performance problem, but I wouldn't want to
trade off customization of a website against privacy.

> I'm busy getting my stack fully deployed and documented and will send an
> announcement e-mail in a couple of weeks.

That looks very promising.

I discovered documenting one's plans and progress in detail is a huge
part of the work. It's my primary goal now, before doing deploying more

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