[Freedombox-discuss] PET questions

Lee Fisher blibbet at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 00:48:09 UTC 2011


I have some questions about FreedomBox's use of: Tor (not "TOR" :-)), 
I2P, Tahoe/LAFS, Phantom, I2P, Eternity, BitTorrent, etc. I'd be 
grateful for any insight, to help for an upcoming FB talk, and to help 
clarify FB's use of this software.

Is FB an IPv6-only device? What v4/v6 interop servers (NAT, STUN, etc) 
will be used? Is SOCKS one of them (for Tor)?

Is BitTorrent the software for the "drop box" requirement, which has no 
software listed under it? Or is this why NFS and SMB servers are required?

How is email going to be encrypted and relayed? Not mixmaster or 
mixminion, I presume? Tor Hidden Service version? Other software?

Tor is sometimes listed as optional, sometimes mandatory, and sometimes 
seemingly opposed in some threads by one TAC member. :-) I'm still 
unclear if, or how it is used, and if there will be different profiles, 
if any? I'm hoping Tor will be available as a client, as a node (normal 
or bridge, entry/middle/exit), hidden service). IPsec is sometimes 
listed as used, but this is contrary to the SOCKS-style NAT that Tor uses.

If a web server is also part of the stack, and Tor is available, then 
Tor Hidden Services could be used for the "drop box", and to replace 
Tahoe/LAFS, and the NFS/SMB servers.

I2P is sometimes mentioned as being part of the stack. The project was 
down for a long time, only active in recent few months; is this stable 
enough? I am under the impression using Tor with I2P is a conflict, so 
how is this resolved, w/r/t Tor use? Someone I recall something about 
not using/liking/preferring Java-based code, and I2P is that. IMO, Tor 
seems much more mature w/r/t tools, docs, and community.

Is Eternity really going to be used? Someone already noted there's no 
Debian package for it. Its a nice idea, but does anyone use it? Does 
this mean FB hosts are going to be NNTP servers, or will SMTP be used 
for this (I forget which Eternity supported)? Is FB an NNTP server, and 

Is the GnuPG keyserver going to be used, along with GnuPG, as sometimes 

Why is Samba needed for Windows interop on a FB? There's enough other 
protocols being served by the FB already that I don't see why SMBs are 
needed. NFS and SMB servers seems way too bloated for this tiny ARM 
plug. :-) Ditto, with NFS and Unix, why is it needed? Is FTP also going 
to be used for "drop box" storage? Again, web server + DAV seems to 
remove most of this bloat.

ZRTP was mentioned in email, not sure about wiki. Is that being 
considered as part of the VoIP solution? Is it Free enough for a Debian 

Thanks for any clarifications!

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