[Freedombox-discuss] Can we save power too?

Rob van der Hoeven robvanderhoeven at ziggo.nl
Mon Jun 27 17:19:25 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-06-27 at 22:09 +0800, Sandy Harris wrote:
> Slashdot story points to an item on set--top boxes burning
> huge amounts of power:
> http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/26/us/26cable.html?_r=4
> They mention 400-odd KWh a year At 5 watts times 24
> times 365, a plug computer comes out an order of
> magnitude better.
> This clearly is not the focus for the box, but it seemed
> worth tossing into the discussions.

I think it is very important to keep the power consumption low. In The
Netherlands where i live a KWh costs about 0.25 euro. A 5 watt device
running 24/7*365 uses 44 KWh a year (NOT 400 KWh) witch costs about 11
euros. The cost of running a device 24/7*365 is roughly wattage * 2. A
normal PC consumes about 70 watts and costs 140 euro to run for a year!


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