[Freedombox-discuss] "Client-side" FreedomBox?

Fellow Traveler fellowtraveler at rayservers.net
Tue Jun 28 09:26:19 UTC 2011


I have recently authored a digital cash system, and I would like as much
as possible to secure the wallet on the client side, so that hackers
cannot steal it.

Some Bitcoin aficionados are known to put their bitcoin wallet onto a
USB stick... I want to go better than that with my own project. If
possible I would put the CPU unit and ram on that USB stick as well. I
would have the digital cash client run isolated inside there, with only
specific messages being passed back and forth (so the user can authorize
transactions, etc.)

Anyway, this whole concept reminded me of the FreedomBox project, which
is why I am emailing you about this now.

===> I think the FreedomBox project should plan for a "Server version"
as well as a "Handheld version".  I need something safe to store my
wallet on, and portable, where I can encapsulate my transaction signing.

Maybe that "something safe" is just an open-source handheld that
provides voice on the mesh, plus has a crypto-card built into it. I
don't know. Have you guys put any thought into this?

-Fellow Traveler

PS here's my project:

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