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On 06/27/2011 01:34 PM, ian at churchkey.org wrote:

> The fact that ISP's are increasingly moving towards these all-in-one
> devices is an important point though, since this is a new layer of
> network management/restriction that we will have to take into account
> when figuring out our mechanisms for routing traffic to/from the rest of
> the world.

Many of them are also remotely managable.  This could potentially mean
that an ISP could decide to block their customers' access to arbitrary
sites or services (some countries are trying to pass laws which would
require this).  Also, some of these remotely managed consumer routers
have vulnerabilities in them which are being actively exploited right
now.  The Bugtraq mailing list has had a few such vulnerabilities
reported this year.  The possibility exists that future vulnerabilities
in remotely managed consumer networking equipment may make traffic
surveillance possible.

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