[Freedombox-discuss] article on Google+

Stefano Maffulli stefano at maffulli.net
Wed Jun 29 15:37:59 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-06-29 at 16:45 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Here is an article on upcoming social networking enhancements to Google, 
> called Google+. Inspirational for conceptual (and, if web-based, 
> interface) design, and scary in other aspects.

Indeed, I was admiring the concept of 'circles' and the integration with
mobile. There are many scary aspects that we all know already, but I
wanted to focus on the good news a bit. I believe that if Google+ can
pull the rug under Facebook's feet we'll be in a much better place to
position our FreedomBox. I wrote today on my blog:

        The good news is that Google+ can demonstrate to all the users
        that they don’t have to put all their data in Facebook in order
        to get valuable information. The success of Google+ will show
        that there are alternatives and that change is a good thing.
        This paves the way to other changes and innovation, including to
        the FreedomBox. Having alternatives is good, they bring choice
        and they help breaking the habits. One more reason to push on
        the accelerators and build the FreedomBox.

what do you think?


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