[Freedombox-discuss] Relationship driven privacy

James Vasile james at hackervisions.org
Wed Jun 29 12:49:01 UTC 2011

There are a few options in how we sort contacts into groups.

We can do it like Facebook.  Everybody friends your profile and you
manually group them.  The grouping is private in that your friends don't
know what groups they're in (and most of the time, even if they've been
grouped at all).

We can do it like Diaspora.  Explicit groups where the interface
requires that you group people and is public about which groups you're
interacting with when.

Another approach is to use URLs.  Give all your friends the
http://fbox.example.com/wild-and-crazy-guy address.  Give your family
the http://fbox.example.com/pious-father address.  Give your coworkers
the http://fbox.example.com/always-at-my-desk address.  Each of these
are just different views of the same profile.  And then you could
manually change what people see if somebody's status changes from, say,
/boyfriend to /ex-boyfriend.

The interface should be obvious about which groups you are talking to.
Perhaps the css could change in obvious ways (backrgound color?) or
perhaps the software could be smart enough to know you don't want to
share "me-drunk.png" with the group labelled "WORK".

I'm interested in other ideas and mechanisms for managing identities and
making sure information doesn't leak between identities.


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