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Ok I get the idea! Thanks :)
Le 30 avr. 2011 21:42, "Thomas Lord" <lord at emf.net> a écrit :
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>> From: Pierre Fenoll <zmindster at gmail.com>
>> Sorry if that was pointed out earlier, but what I don't understand is
>> this very socio-economic situation between Admins & Users.
> Ok.
>> As I've understood:
>> • you need people with higher privileges than others
>> • you need "exit nodes" with sic: "preferably fixed IP addresse
>> Are you asking for some kind of virtual network w/ exit nodes à la Tor
>> and thus a client/server design?
> Sort of.
> The overlay network here allows nodes that are often
> behind a firewall (like a freedombox installed at home)
> to accept some kinds of connections anyway.
> Think of something like PageKite.
> So, "admins" operate machines on the net that have
> no trouble accepting connections, and they tunnel
> these to freedomboxes that do have trouble accepting
> ordinary Internet connections.
> Admins also help with things like allocating numbers and
> names for the overlay network.
> If people want Tor-like onion routing in addition,
> it should be possible to just run the freedombox
> overlay network over Tor itself.
>> I'm not a saying that what you've done is shitty and BTW I'm pretty
>> impressed by this mastering of a design. I'm just a bit lost & can't
>> see the decentralization. Thanks
> In the allocation of names and numbers, there is no
> central authority. A successful allocation occurs
> when many admins (in a federation) agree that certain
> encrypted messages were broadcast at certain times (within
> a few hours) and later their verifiable decryption was
> broadcast -- and there were not (statistically unlikely)
> "collisions" of multiple requests for the same name
> or number. If lots of admins sign off that those
> objective observable facts occurred, the name / number
> is assigned.
> Admins don't exactly have extra "privilege" in name
> allocation. Successful admins have widely well regarded
> cryptographic signatures, is all.
> The system is also decentralized in that no user is
> "captive" to any one admin. Users can always change
> admins, sign up with multiple admins, invest time and
> effort to be their own admin, etc.
> Does that help? I'm not too sure what details to
> make more explicit in trying to answer your question.
> -t
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