[Freedombox-discuss] on small programs; Android and things Google

AnotherPeasant versparis at gmail.com
Thu May 5 23:47:36 UTC 2011

Actually, Eric, I just went and checked in my Chromium browser.  It's
under: (wrench)> Preferences > Under the Hood > Content Settings >
(scroll down to the hidden part of the page) Location.  Now maybe it's
just my copy of Chromium where it's the default, but the fact that
"Allow all sites to track my physical location" is even in there at all
concerns me.  "Non-evil" FAIL, I.M.O.  There may be other interesting
"features" in there that I have missed completely.

Android, I have no clue about, as I am a moron about cell phones in
general.  I have a buddy who understands them in detail.  Talking to him
helps me understand just how clueless I am about the things.  -But I'm
learning (slowly).

BTW, version of Chromium is 10.0.648.205 running on Ubuntu 11.04  -Cheers!

> You're conflating Android and Chrome with their open source projects. All
> phone-home code is added in a separate layer from the open source codebase.
>  The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the Chromium open source project
> are both free of tracking.
> -- Eric
>> Considering how much data scraping and invasive profiling Google does
>> already, are you sure you want to use their base system for this?  I
>> thought the point was to get away from centralized power like MS and
>> Google.  The cell phone is the pen-ultimate invasive client, exceeded
>> only by RF chips and implants :)  Look in their Chrome browser.  There
>> is a place for you to change the DEFAULT of "allow websites to track my
>> physical location"  Hello?  Seems like a not very freedom-enabling
>> technology to me...

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