[Freedombox-discuss] Initial User Experience (was: Tor .onion domains)

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Tue May 10 05:59:54 UTC 2011

Hi Marc,

On 11-05-09 at 10:46pm, Marc Trius wrote:
> [...] any choices the user makes that impact privacy *directly*, such 
> as the level of sharing of the box's nickname, should either be hidden 
> or, if that cannot be done, presented in such a context that would 
> make clear *both* the need for making the choice and its impact on the 
> user's privacy. To do otherwise would be confusing and is likely to 
> cause bad choices. For example, a user confronted with the choice 
> above might pick the highest level of sharing simply out of vanity, 
> and if there is a wall of text explaining the risks their eyes will 
> probably water in the same way as when anyone but a lawyer sees an 
> The user would name their Box, and then the Box would start asking 
> them questions and responding to their answers. I just don't know 
> enough about the technical issues to mock up an example dialog right 
> now, but it should have several characteristics:
> 1) It should teach the user about the issues of privacy and freedom in 
>    the context of computers and networking.
> 2) It should introduce the user to what the FB can do.
> 3) It should present information about the choices that are available 
>    to the user.
> 4) It should tell the user about the implications of the choices they 
>    make.
> 5) It should allow the user to change their mind after learning more 
>    about their choice.
> 6) It should allow the user to ask for more details or clarification.
> 7) It should teach the user a little about how the FB works
> 8) It should teach the user some computer literacy, according to how 
>    much they want to learn.
> 9) It should be accessible even after installation, so that it can 
>    help the user maintain or modify the system after it has already 
>    been set up.
> I understand that the role of the FB is to provide end-users like me 
> with secure networking, and that stuff like characteristic No.7 above 
> is very tangential to this role. However, I feel that the *reason* why 
> this community is creating the FB is to empower people, and I believe 
> that the FB can be invaluable as a sort of "gateway drug" to more 
> aspects of empowerment. I think that the extra work involved in 
> creating such a sophisticated set-up procedure would be well worth it 
> in the end.
> I hope that my thoughts were helpful,

Very inspiring indeed.  Thanks a lot!

 - Jonas

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