[Freedombox-discuss] Distributed naming, again

Lee Fisher blibbet at gmail.com
Tue May 17 05:00:58 UTC 2011

On 5/16/11 8:57 AM, Clint Adams wrote:
> I am going to anger Jonas by discussing something that
> interests me, and even though UX is the very most
> important thing about the FreedomBox project, [...]

Maybe people would be less angry (and others involved in FB could also 
be more productive) if:

1) FB defined some profiles/milestones, specifically, vCurrent that is 
achievable with current/working/proven open source software, and vNext 
that has discussions about undeveloped/unproven neat ideas. Or some 
other project split where current stuff can be focused on, and others 
can dream up new tech for later versions.


2) Split up FB-discuss into some more focused lists, so UX people could 
talk in one, and people creating new net namespace tech can talk about 
that elsewhere. Perhaps one list for the main handful of subcomponents 
(mesh, encrypted email, fed socnet, etc), and a build/distribution list, 
for those who want to build their own devices/VMs today.

For example, for Tor use in FB, I'd rather be on the FB-tor list, 
working on how to adopt Torouter and tor-ramdisk and especially the new 
Tor web UI for the Excito B3 appliance, and how to integrate this into 
FB vCurrent.  While, in parallel, net NS and UX people are also working 
on their goals, and some people don't have to subscribe to lists that 
make them angry. :-)

Anyway, just a general idea, and not focused towards Clint or Jonas or 
this message.

> A group of us got together recently to discuss the state
> of distributed naming technology.  We talked about
> Zooko's Triangle[0], Netsukuku[1] ANDNA, i2p[2],
> PetNames[3], Namecoin[4], and Tom Lord's proposal[5a,5b].
> We omitted dot-p2p, IDONS, Tor Hidden Services.

Sounds like a fun get-together. Besides the above list, what about 
Tahoe/LAFS storage, Freenet storage/services? What about Handle 
System/DOI namespace tech usage for some of this?

There's also a few new IETF efforts that might be useful here two 
(sorry, those acronyms escape me at the moment, perhaps the P4P and ALTA 
areas?). Once I find the right wiki page for this namespace idea, I'll 
update the acronyms later.


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