[Freedombox-discuss] Raspberry Pi - $25 plug computers

Melvin Carvalho melvincarvalho at gmail.com
Mon May 23 20:19:41 UTC 2011

On 23 May 2011 11:33, Matt Zimmerman <mdz at debian.org> wrote:
> These folks are developing a $25 hardware platform.  It's somewhat
> hypothetical at present, but if it becomes reality...wow!
> http://www.raspberrypi.org/
>    The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK registered charity (Registration
>    Number 1129409) which exists to promote the study of computer science
>    and related topics, especially at school level, and to put the fun back
>    into learning computing.
>    We plan to develop, manufacture and distribute an ultra-low-cost
>    computer, for use in teaching computer programming to children. We
>    expect this computer to have many other applications both in the
>    developed and the developing world.
>    Our first product is about the size of a USB key, and is designed to plug
>    into a TV or be combined with a touch screen for a low cost tablet. The
>    expected price is $25 for a fully-configured system.
>    How would you use an ultra-low-cost computer? Do you have open-source
>    educational software we can use? Contact us at info at raspberrypi.org.
>    Do you have a press inquiry? Contact us at press at raspberrypi.org.
>    Provisional specification
>    700MHz ARM11
>    256MB of SDRAM
>    OpenGL ES 2.0
>    1080p30 H.264 high-profile decode
>    Composite and HDMI video output
>    USB 2.0
>    SD/MMC/SDIO memory card slot
>    General-purpose I/O
>    Open software (Ubuntu, Iceweasel, KOffice, Python)
> It looks like the only networking option is USB, but if nothing else,
> there's likely something to learn from this project about building a
> low-cost device.  Something like this, minus graphics, plus WiFi, seems like
> would make a great value headless platform.

Yes it looks great.  I kind of wondered how they'd fit ubuntu into 256MB tho?

However, this is the same person that co-wrote the game 'elite' which
fit in about 25k of memory.  So anything is possible, these guys are
legends at my computer laboratory.

Still needs some time, but it's definitely possible that this could
become a viable product, imho.

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