[Freedombox-discuss] configuration interface

Mildred Ki'Lya mildred593 at gmail.com
Wed May 25 15:53:00 UTC 2011


Correct me if I'm mistaken, but there is currently no way planned to
configure all the services we plan for the freedombox.

I was thinking about a very modular architecture including:

- a front end: could be a web interface with REST API or something on
top of XMPP (it's a very versatile protocol). it could be a Qt/GTK
application communicating with the freedombox using an ad-hoc
- the back end on the freedombox: could be a web server of any kind
that had the permission to perform the administrative tasks.

All of this should be very modular. I think we should have this
administrative interface as our core and then, from this interface, we
could enable/disable modules. Because freedombox is a debian project,
it seems obvious that modules would be debian packages. If we want to
be cross distribution, we should perhaps aim at integrating with

Each module could then:
- have an init service included
- add hooks to the administrative interface and back-end

To me this seems a reasonable starting point. Do you have any idea on
this? What technologies should be used?

I personally would choose a web server (probably the Lua kepler
project or Node.js) with a REST API (we could use other fancy
protocols, but everybody has a web browser). And the client would be
in Javascript (manipulating an HTML5 DOM. I would prefer XUL but there
is only Mozilla implementing it as far as I know).


Mildred Ki'Lya

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