[Freedombox-discuss] DHTs and Names

John Walsh fiftyfour at waldevin.com
Fri Sep 2 08:15:22 UTC 2011

 hi dkg,

> For example (this is a hand-wavy sketch, not a concrete proposal):
>  0) a freedombox could be known by the fingerprint of its 
> public key (non-human-readable, OpenPGP or some other 
> fingerprinting standard)
Agree. A couple of months ago I wouldn't have understood this sentence\0/
>  1) the freedombox itself could publish its own routing 
> information (DNS records?  something else?), signed by its 
> own public key so that it is clear (and verifiable) how to 
> reach the machine at the moment.
Same as 0.
>  2) individual users could choose to publish (some of) their 
> petname bindings in a way that is cryptographically 
> verifiable, thereby creating third-party introductions with 
> human-readable names.
My understanding of this sentence is that you are effectively sharing your
address book with a friend (third party). This sounds like a Facebook
Friends list, which clicking on one of those friends links takes you to an
unreadable url. 

I do want to understand the problem, but I can't see the problem. What is it
that I don't see?

-- fiftyfour 

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