[Freedombox-discuss] Is FreedomBox interested in using Retroshare?

drbob drbob at lunamutt.com
Wed Sep 7 12:27:05 UTC 2011

Hi FreedomBoxers,

I was directed towards your project by a friend. I'd seen Eben Moglen's TED talk previously 
but had no idea that there was a debian project to create such a system.

I've been working on a project (Retroshare) with similar goals for a number of years:


Are you interested in using Retroshare, or its components for your FreedomBox?

As mentioned earlier on this list, this is a do-o-cracy type project... 
and I can offer some limited time to adapt Retroshare into something useful for FreedomBox.

Retroshare an Open Source (LGPL core/GPL gui) application to provide a Secure Social Network.
It uses/provides lots of the technologies that you've described in this mailing-list.

1) OpenGPG Web-Of-Trust for Authenticating your Friends.
2) Direct SSL connections between Peers.
3) A DHT-based system to locate your Peers. 
4) UDP Firewall-busting connections.
5) Discovery System to Introduce you to Friends-Of-Friends.
6) services like chat, file-sharing, forums, etc, etc.

As I said, I would love to get involved, and more than willing to modify things to make RS
useful in general.... perhaps modify libretroshare to provide a pseudo-VPN for other services?


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