[Freedombox-discuss] Is FreedomBox interested in using Retroshare?

drbob drbob at lunamutt.com
Sun Sep 11 21:37:02 UTC 2011

Hi Melvin, 

I'm glad you've already had a chance to try out Retroshare.
We've improved a bunch of things since last year, especially firewalled connections.

The GUI remains a little bit "Retro"... hence the name ;) 
We hope to get a Web Interface in place - which should make Retroshare 
more suitable for mini-server based system like the freedombox

As Keith pointed out, we build packages for both debian and ubuntu systems, 
though we are not officially part of the debian distribution...

Is this important/essential for inclusion in the freedombox?


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> On 7 September 2011 14:27, drbob <drbob at lunamutt.com> wrote:
>> Hi FreedomBoxers,
>> I was directed towards your project by a friend. I'd seen Eben Moglen's TED talk previously
>> but had no idea that there was a debian project to create such a system.
>> I've been working on a project (Retroshare) with similar goals for a number of years:
>> http://retroshare.org
>> Are you interested in using Retroshare, or its components for your FreedomBox?
> I tried this about a year ago with some of the gnu social people.
> Back then it worked pretty well, tho the interface was slightly basic in places.
> Do you know if it's a debian package?
>> As mentioned earlier on this list, this is a do-o-cracy type project...
>> and I can offer some limited time to adapt Retroshare into something useful for FreedomBox.
>> Retroshare an Open Source (LGPL core/GPL gui) application to provide a Secure Social Network.
>> It uses/provides lots of the technologies that you've described in this mailing-list.
>> 1) OpenGPG Web-Of-Trust for Authenticating your Friends.
>> 2) Direct SSL connections between Peers.
>> 3) A DHT-based system to locate your Peers.
>> 4) UDP Firewall-busting connections.
>> 5) Discovery System to Introduce you to Friends-Of-Friends.
>> 6) services like chat, file-sharing, forums, etc, etc.
>> As I said, I would love to get involved, and more than willing to modify things to make RS
>> useful in general.... perhaps modify libretroshare to provide a pseudo-VPN for other services?
>> Mark.
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