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Someone below known as DrBob or Mark,

You asked:
>Which other systems provide fully-decentralised forums?

"Decentralised can imply "distributed" or "federated". A list of applications that have support, or plan to implement support, for federation (interoperability) are distinguished from distributed ones here,



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I thought the point of freedombox was to provide privacy and control of your data?
This is exactly what Retroshare tries to do - in a fully decentralised manner ;)

I'd rather not just focus on file-sharing features either...
Which other systems provide fully-decentralised forums?


Marc, if you are interested in anonymity... Retroshare provides strong anonymity.
Certainly better than bittorrent or other file-sharing networks like Mute.

The key is to build a trusted link-level network on which the file-sharing can take place.

We use the "Turtle" protocol - developed by Tanenbaum's group from the Vrije University.

Here is a link to an academic paper describing the "Strong Anonymity" features of Turtle:

and the wikipedia page on Turtle:


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