[Freedombox-discuss] Tap-to-share PGP key exchange

Olivier Schwander olivier.schwander at chadok.info
Fri Sep 30 15:01:12 UTC 2011

Le 29 Sep 2011 16:38, Timur Mehrvarz a écrit:
> I just released v1.0 of Anymime for Android. This app provides ad-hoc
> 2-way file transfer over Bluetooth. If NFC is supported, connectivity
> can be established by tapping two devices, which practically allows
> hands off operation.

Are you using a standard protocol for the file transfer ? Like obex for
example ?

In other words, what is the amount of work if we want to be able to
exchange data between an anymime phone and a laptop or a non-android
phone ?


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