[Freedombox-discuss] The video

Robert Martinez mail at mray.de
Mon Apr 2 09:02:22 UTC 2012

I'm unhappy video on the front page.
(I love the talk James gives - there is no problem with that)

It should be out of the question to let new users landing on the 
frontpage down like that:
They probably click on the video to get a quick introduction, and we 
fail to deliver that!
Instead we let some stranger talk almost a minute about a murder that 
everybody recognizes as very old news.
Are we that bad? Do we really think nobody cares that we inform our 
guests about OLD and completely UNRELATED news on the most prominent 
place of the project?

This is what I think could be done:
_1 Somebody could work out if there is a way to link to the correct 
starting point of the video
_2 Somebody could re-encode, cut and upload the video
_3 James could record a short replacement for the talk
_4 ...whatever other solution that keeps new visitors from hearing and 
seeing "Gaddafi... was killed this morning."

Currently I'm busy with the new theme, so I could offer to prepare a 
re-encoded video but have no youtube account.


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