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Sean O'Brien me at seandiggity.com
Wed Apr 4 22:06:52 UTC 2012

> I read on the ikiwikipage that every wiki has a sandbox built into it -
> does that include the theming part of the system? (maybe that way we can
> use the current live version?)

I'd rather set up my own install to make sure I don't screw up the live
site.  I know "sandbox" in mediawiki only has to do with page
content/wiki markup, I assume that's also what they mean here.

> @flag like on foojbook.com: I think it is way too subtle:
> transparent, just icon without text and then way up in the edge with no
> padding?
> You'd have to be sherlock holmes to find that :D

You're right, it should probably have the short abbreviation of the
language next to it, or some other indicator.

> Looking forward to the testing environment!
> Robert
> On 04/04/12 17:14, Sean O'Brien wrote:
>> Robert -
>> No more need to go back and forth on this, the current design looks nice
>> and clean, and I'm not married to the footer I came up with :P
>> We're still going to need a testing environment for this.  I think the
>> best way to do it may be setting up a separate ikiwiki install.  If you
>> don't use git, I will also put together a tarball to download.  The
>> templating system takes a completely different approach than ours with
>> HTML5 (parsing different markup before pageload based upon user-agent
>> string).  Besides that, it's just smart copy/paste from what we have
>> now, plus these dynamic elements:
>> * only loading the intro quote/video div for the home/news page
>> * truncating the latest news item for the home/news page
>> * generating those news archive links with dates
>> * translation dropdown at top.  I like the little flag that comes on the
>> default friendica template (e.g. https://foojbook.net) so I'll try
>> something like that that floats right in the header
>> So, I'll create a testing environment and we can go from there.
>> ~ Sean

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