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James Vasile vasile at freedomboxfoundation.org
Wed Apr 11 09:21:32 UTC 2012

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On Tue, 10 Apr 2012 13:07:36 -0400, me at seandiggity.com wrote:
> Not quite sure who I should be directing this to so I'll just ask 
> everyone :P
> Regarding the new foundation website theme -
> Can we set up a separate branch of ikiwiki for theme changes, before 
> pushing to the main foundation website/wiki?

That sounds reasonable to me.

> I'm not sure if this is even necessary, because by default I would be 
> pushing changes from my cloned repo to the bare repo:
> http://ikiwiki.info/rcs/git/
> However, I'm paranoid I'll screw up the srcdir, e.g. my changes will be 
> picked up by the post-update hook script.  I assume that has to be run 
> manually by the admin, but still.

Clint Adams is the master of FBox's ikiwiki instance.  Ian Sullivan also
knows a lot about it.  If they don't respond to this thread, I'll ping

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