[Freedombox-discuss] software developer contract on related project

Paul Gardner-Stephen paul at servalproject.org
Wed Apr 18 12:29:11 UTC 2012

Hi All,

At ServalProject.org (open-source mesh telephony and data networking
with baked-in privacy and security) we have funds for a developer for
a few months to help us hit our 1.00 release of our open-source
infrastructure-free communications software. Further work may or may
not be available following that depending on what grants we manage to

If you have strong Java/Android skills, and would like to help us
create this disruptive technology that will positively impact millions
in need, we would like to hear from you.

The work will be based in Adelaide, Australia, although we are open to
discussing a mix of on-site and remote work.

Email me if interested.

Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen,
Founder Serval Project,
Shuttleworth Telecommunications Fellow,
Rural, Remote & Humanitarian Telecommunications Research Fellow,
Flinders University.

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