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Marlou Madrio marlou_madrio at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 01:54:18 UTC 2012

Hi James / All,
It's a priviledge and an honor to be part of something that will empower the rest of humanity and totally free us.
In our lifetime, I believe we can achieve a lot of things as a species
In about 30 years from now Scientist say we would have harnessed energy from Nuclear Fusion which will rid the world of most of its ills rooted to Oil and conflict
In about less than 10 years we would have moved to web 3.0 from web 2.0 and have the utopian Semantic web we dream about
In less than 5 years, we would have implemented IPV6 and make our devices addressable from the internet
Within the above time frame, I see a bright future for the Freedom Network.
At first it seemed to me that its quite impossible to remodel the internet, but upon close look of the kind of work you guys do, I think its very much doable
As of this time, 75% of the people of the planet is still not connected to the internet
The internet empowers and frees us but has also been tainted with commercialism and corporate surveillance much due in fact with this social networking phenomena
Again kudos to your work, on my part, I'll do whatever I can to generate awareness among my IT peers and friends
To get to know more about me, visit http://m.wix.com/marlou_madrio/wingcmdr/

I wonder if I can make a "Freedom Tower" of my own here, I know that the devices are available.

I wonder how people here would react and maybe be awaken. It will be an internet awakening for them much like how Plato describes the "Allegory of the Cave"

The fact that housing here is through HDB blocks, meshed networked communications would make sense as well as easily adoptable

Have you gotten to the point where your code would autodiscover and assign backhaul and gateway connections by being able to monitor neihboring vicinity freedom network devices?

I was thinking, if such can be modularized, cost effective then its easily adoptable here

A mojority of the populaton here has broadband and the nation is slowly but surely moving into fibre to the home and integrated digital services

Having a freedom network device at the endpoints would seem a closer step to achieving a free network for all


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"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few..... or the one"

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On Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:21:29 -0700 (PDT), Marlou Madrio <marlou_madrio at yahoo.com> wrote:
> "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few..... or the one"
> Hi,
> My name is Marl and I am an IT Professional working here in Singapore
> I can say, it’s a brave new frontier ahead and I totally agree with your concepts
> I hope you can rally the Ham Radio Community to get interested as they have a wealth of experience in Packet Radio
> I hope you can recycle proven technologies like Spread Spectrum Short haul and Long haul microwave radios for this Freedom Network which may already be highly likely already in the surplus market due to the Metro Fiber Broadband boom
> I don’t have much resources here in SG and hence I won’t be able to contribute much or in any financial way, but I plan to get myself one of your DreamPlug devices and promote it here among my friends running FreedomBox Software
> I have an Intel Atom N270 DG945LFC2 which I am not currently using for any application which I would like to try if possible run your source code and make it a FreedomBox appliance
> Regards,
> MarlNon-text part: text/html

Hi, Marlou.  Thanks for the kind words.  I've added you to our
announcement list.  Other ways to keep up with us are at
<https://www.freedomboxfoundation.org/discuss/> and the discussion email
list is at

If you're interested in contributing code, we have a list of tasks for
programmers on our website at <https://www.freedomboxfoundation.org/tasks>

Thanks for writing!

Best regards,
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