[Freedombox-discuss] Does Freedombox transmit MAC address during booting up & shutting down?

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Privoxy and TOR are not enough because spoofing IP addresses is not
enough. Spoofing the MAC address of wifi and bluetooth immediately
when the computer boots up is necessary for anonymity and spoofing
while the computer is shutting down. Merely writing a script for MAC
changer to start up before wifi and bluetooth start up will not

The articles below discuss that Google, Microsoft, Apple and Skyhook
are using their customers as spies  to transmit the MAC address of
nearby wifi devices. Wifi devices  includes routers, desktop pcs,
laptops, tablets and smart phones.  Please do not assume that these
articles are discussing Google's wardriving van or apps. They are not.
Please do not assume that turning off location service on a phone or
tablet and refraining from using Google, Microsoft and Apple will
preclude the MAC address of your wifi devices from being transmitted.
It will not. Nearby Google, Apple and Microsoft wifi devices will
transmit the MAC address of your wifi devices. 

These  articles do not mention that the MAC address of bluetooth
devices are  also transmitted If they are not presently, they probably
will be in the  near future. Thereby,  Google, Microsoft, Apple and
Skyhook will  ascertain a person's wifi and bluetooth devices and  be
able to  geolocate that person when they turn on one of their devices.

These articles do not disclose that the wifi devices need not be
connected to the internet to be visible and transmitted by nearby wifi
devices.  Since 2010, my abuser's crackers have been able to geolocate
the MAC address of my
wifi devices even when they are not connected to the internet. Now I
finally know how they are doing this.  

It is no coincidence that when this new spying technology became
available in 2010, netbook and tablet manufacturers ceased offering an
option in the BIOS to disable wifi and bluetooth. Disabling wifi and
bluetooth in the OS does not preclude them from being visible when the
computer boots up and shuts down.

In 2010, I solved this by removing the wifi cards from my netbooks.
When I need to go online, I use an USB network adapter. When my
abuser's crackers procure the MAC address of my USB network adapter, I
cease using it and replace it with a brand new network adapter. 

My abuser's crackers tampered with my netbooks by inserting a wifi
card inside one of my netbooks, infecting my BIOS and graphic card
with firmware rootkits and switching the hard drive in two netbooks
with a hard drive that had a tampered OS and firmware rootkit in a
hidden partition. For a month, I turned on my netbook, didn't connect
to the internet and my netbook's geolocation was tracked. A month
later, I connected an USB network adapter to go online. Fedora's
network manager detected two wifi. I opened the back and discovered a
wifi card and a different hard drive! I removed the wifi card and
erased and repartitioned the hard drive but had not realized until
months later that that had not deleted the firmware rootkits in the
hidden partition. Flashing the BIOS did not remove the firmware
rootkits. A computer security expert recommended an ARM device. Hence,
my need for an ARM or MIPS device.

Most ARM devices have unremovable wifi. I would need to discontinue
using the device after my abuser's crackers procured the MAC address
unless spoofing can be performed without the uboot from transmitting
the MAC address during booting up and shutting down. I am considering
purchasing a freedombox. Is there a blue light indicator for wifi and
bluetooth? Does freedombox turn on the bluelight indicator for the
wifi and bluetooth while booting up and shutting down? If there is no
blue light indicator, can someone please use airsnort or equivalent
program to sniff MAC addresses during booting up and shutting down?

If the uboot is transmitting the MAC addresses, can this be disabled
in uboot?' 

Can a script be written for uboot to kill wifi and bluetooth? A script
for MAC Changer to change MAC address of wifi and bluetooth before
they start up? Thank you.





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