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> I'm not totally sure what this discussion has to do with FreedomBox,
> since the FreedomBox is a server that sits unobtrusively in a corner,
> not something that runs software and a GUI in the machine in front of
> the user.  A FreedomBox could be a back-end server (and could help to
> form a network of federated servers) in such a document-sharing
> protocol, but to be useful and visible to a FreedomBox user, we would
> still need a separate front-end GUI program that ran on the user's
> tablet or laptop or phone or whatever.

I'm not sure how anything could be irrelevant to a discussion of Freedombox,
which in two years time has failed to deliver anything of value to the potential
userbase it described on its fundraising page.

First things first, software needs to be software.


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