[Freedombox-discuss] remote servers

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 01:31:55 UTC 2012

idra at samba.org writes:

> In the last sprint we added support to easily setup openvpn tunnels
> between dreamboxes.  At the moment I think Nick made simple to connect
> 2 dreamboxes but not create a full network.  However if you want to
> connect 2+ boxes together I strongly suggest you look into the openvpn
> setup. Once openvpn works you will be able to access any service from
> any box w/o worry of having to portforward stuff or other trickery.

With FreedomBuddy, it is possible to create a full OpenVPN network,
though when testing, we did it with one host and one client.  It's not
especially easy yet, but probably no more difficult than doing it

As long as one system is identified as the host and the rest are clients
(we support a single host and an arbitrary number of clients), it should
be straightforward if you understand VPNs.  I'll put together actual
setup documentation for FreedomBuddy's OpenVPN service soon.

For now though, I'll second Simo's OpenVPN suggestion.  It's a wonderful
system that works exactly as it should.

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