[Freedombox-discuss] Keep or Remove the "Anonymous Contribution" Page?

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 03:24:50 UTC 2012

Jonas Smedegaard writes:

> Quoting Nick M. Daly (2012-11-29 06:16:25)
>> Jack Wilborn writes:
>> > IMHO, I say that if they want to keep copyright to their code, then 
>> > we probably don't want it in the FB.  My understanding is that we 
>> > wanted a copyright free box, has this changed or have I 
>> > misunderstood?
>> I think you missed something big there.  As far as I know [0], that's 
>> not a goal at all.  Nobody's even asked me for a contributor 
>> agreement, much less copyright assignment: we'll cross that bridge 
>> when we come to it, I suppose.
> If "we" are Debian, then we need someone physical and identifiable in 
> charge of each piece of code, but those can act as proxy for others 
> keeping anonymous or pseudonymous. Important for Debian is that all code 
> is freely _licensed_.
> If "we" are the FreedomBox Foundation, then it will very much surprise 
> me if they[0] have different agenda than use Debian for all software 
> parts of the project.
> [0] I am part of Debian.

I do need to clear up something here: I think I spoke poorly in this
email.  I'm not a member of the FBX Foundation, the TAC, or of Debian.
I was stating what I understood (and quite possibly misunderstood) from
personal conversations of folks who are in those roles.

I think the basic point though, is that which Jonas made.  The code
needs to be (DFSG-) free.  As far as anonymous contributions go, I've
removed the page from the wiki because I shouldn't presume that we (the
people holding that information) are ready to keep it safe.

I also don't know what Debian and the FBF's official policies are, so I
don't want to inappropriately presume things for them.

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